Hi Eyal,

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks in making this unique tour from Jewish Heritage and Believers of Yeshua’s perspective possible. It was truly a blessing that the group composed of various background – Messianic, Catholics, Jews (Judaism), Jewishs, Baptist, and Protestants were unified and led to become closer to one another because of the same goal of knowing more about the Creator of the Holy Land and the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Going up the Jerusalem, the song played were “The Holy City” and followed by “Yerushalayim Shel Zahav” which made a number of people shed to tears while the driver Oren and tour guide Yitzhak, sang with all their hearts. The Shehecheyanu at Mt Scopus at almost sundown, even led the Arab people staying there to worship with us and participate in the blessing. Our driver Ohren brought the wine and the Kiddush cups while we brought the bread.

On Sabbath night, Ruth, our Jewish “elder woman” led the Shabbat prayer and distributed the bread prior to Shabbat dinner. On Sabbath morning, we attended a traditional service at Jerusalem Great Synagogue, followed by a Messianic Service back in our hotel. I explained in English the Torah for that Shabbat (Parashat Toldot) as recited in the synagogue and connected this to the new covenant.

I also explained the biblical meaning of mezuzah and the menorah. After that lecture, almost everybody bought a menorah and mezuzah for themselves and for their friend and relatives, in addition to some goodies like the date honey, fresh dates, grounded coffee, and spices in the market. Three travelers had to buy each an additional luggage as they cannot be stopped in buying items in every site we visited! We even have to go to a jewelry factory (Yvel) to let the ladies buy some jewelry. And of course, we have not forgotten to go to the famous ladies’ beauty products – the Ahava Factory.

The “floating” in the Dead Sea, the Camel Ride, Abraham’s Hospitality Tent, Ben Yehuda, the Shuk, the Temple Institute, Baptismal at Yardenit, the Latrun, and all the other sites visited have become unforgettable to everybody and my feedback was that there is no comparison to other countries they visited in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. For them, this is the best tour they’ve ever had.

Again, thank you, Eyal for making this group tour become successful and a blessing to every traveler