Dear Shalom:

We are back home safe and tired after a long trip. Now all that remains are the memories of a wonderful vacation, like no other so far. In spite of the rocket warnings, we enjoyed it fully and have no regrets whatsoever.

Now, allow me to list a few of the most important aspects of this trip (in no particular order):

Your choice of hotels was impeccable. You interpreted my requests very well. What I asked for is what I got.
The food at these hotels was the best.
The tour was well organized, paced and directed. The places we went could not be of more interest to us.
The tour director, Mr. Eli Dabi (00 972 50-7218884, is the best we have had in all our travels. In spite of the rockets arousing us all, he managed to keep the tour’s composure and not one of us decided to quit before of time.
The driver was also very nice and participated more as a companion also and not only a driver.
VIP treatment at Ben Gurion was unexpected but so welcome. We were impressed.
And the list can go on but I have left the best for last: My travel Agent calling me to see how things were doing after the sale was done? Come on Shalom, this I did not expect from you nor anybody. You called me four times throughout the trip. This made us feel safe knowing somebody was monitoring our trip and, if time had come to cut the trip short because of the ongoing war, I am sure you would had told us. Very nice of you and much appreciated.

I will recommend you to anybody I can. If my kids manage to combine their school itineraries, I would like them to experience the same we have. If that time comes, rest assured I will call you to arrange it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Ing. Ruben Wolozny