I just wanted to write and thank you for your part in helping us visit the Holy Land. At first when I was invited to go to Israel I was not that enthusiastic about going. I regularly go on missions trips to countries around the world and felt that was the best investment of my travel funds. However, a very dear friend paid my way to Israel so I decided that my wife must go with me if I was going to make the trip.

I have traveled much oversees but I must confess that my trip to Israel has been the highlight of all of my travels. To see the history, culture, archeology, and sites of the Holy Land was and unbelievable experience. I learned so much in eight days and was reminded of how much I have yet to learn about the place where Jesus walked. It was truly inspiring to sail on the Sea of Galilee and walk down from the Mount of Olives toward Jerusalem. It was a life changing trip to say the least.

Some couples have began to ask about the possibility of a group from our church going back next year or the year after. I will let you know how those discussions progress. I was not planning the first trip but I went and now perhaps there is a second trip in the plans that I do not yet know about.

I will keep in touch.

Thanks again!

Charles V. Madaus

Ps 48:12Â Walk about Zion, and go round about her: tell the towers thereof.