Hi Eyal,

Sorry it has taken so long for me to tell you what an incredibly wonderful trip we had to Israel. When I got home, my store had been broken into and robbed, and I was out straight trying to get caught up from being gone and dealing with that. But I SHOULD have taken the time to let you know what an AMAZING trip we had. Everything was really wonderful. And you were right. Hilel IS without a doubt the best guide in Israel. I have traveled all over the world, but never had a guide as knowledgeable AND as able to adapt a trip to fit the individual needs of his guests. He and Danielle were THE BEST.

We could also see daily how well respected he was by the other guides. We had a fantastic trip, and also especially liked the guide we had driving through Wadi Ram in Jordan. I had incredibly high expectations for Petra, and it exceeded my expectations! Sorry again it has taken so long to let you know what a fantastic adventure you set up for us.

I hope if you are ever in Northern California, that you will come visit.

My resort webpage is www.trinityalpsresort.com