Dear Eyal

It’s seems like an eternity since we were  in Israel on tour but believe it or not we are still enjoying and digesting the memories of what can only be described as the experience of a lifetime.

From the initial stage when we first expressed an interest in the trip we were very impressed with the help and support we received from you Eyal  and in particular for the personal  help and guidance on our plans before and after the tour.

When we received the vouchers etc. and absorbed the tremendous detail we could see that with the wrong company there was enormous scope for things to go wrong. Not so however with your company whose arrangements and organisation were a treat to be part of and to enjoy. Everything just seemed to dove tail into place with ease including the staff in hotels our taxi drivers and above all our magnificent tour guide. His name was Doron whose attention to detail and interesting anecdotes was unsurpassed and since there were only twelve of us we all bonded easily and struck up a great rapport. We also had another guide called Aaron who took us to Eilat and although we were only with him for a shorter time he gave us a great insight into the area and showed us kindness at every turn.

This is a fantastic tour which leaves you with a wide knowledge of Israel and it’s people. It is just such an interesting exciting and emotional place .

Thank you again Eyal and Trips Israel LLC for your efficiency and warmth in providing myself and my wife with an absolutely wonderful experience

Kindest regards & best wishes

Ken & Christine Harrison