Hello Shalom,

I am so sorry to hear about Sandy and I hope that you are and your family and friends are all safe in what is a horrific storm. It is so hard to imagine Manhatten completely shut down.

I still have the holiday blues, the trip was that spectacular! Coming back to every day life is hard after such a life changing experience.

Doron Hoffman was an exceptional, charasmatic, knowledgable tour guide. He spoke with such passion and conviction. I learnt more about ancient history than I have my whole life. I found the tour to be my far the best I have ever been on. We certainly made the most of every day and when I travelled on my own afterwards I certainly appreciated being on a tour, for things like knowing the odd hours of the museums and just logistically getting from one place to another.

I completely understood while the other Americans on the tour, who had been to Israel a few times, still chose to go on this tour as Jerusalem is quite challenging to get around on your own without knowing Hebrew and the best places to go when. There was a maximum of ten people on the tour and it was extremely well organised.

The hotels were exceptional and in Israel they all love Australians so I never felt unsafe or uncomfortable. There were other Australians on part of the tour I went on, from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and they all loved their time on tour.

As a youngish woman of 35 I was able to walk along the esplanade of the beaches in Tel Aviv as classical music was played and their fairy lights swayed everywhere in the moonlight.

There are so many people around in Tel Aviv and they will never overcharge you. I had a few situations actually where people told me, it is not extra for this or that as I thought it would be. Jerusalem is a magical place and I think you really will make the most of your holiday with this tour. It is such a long way to fly from Australia, I wanted to make every moment count and I truly did.

Plus the food was the best I have ever tasted, so fresh and the cheese! There was cheese with everything, ricotta cherry mousse for breakfast, cream cheese brownies, the salads were so fresh and the fish was so full of flavour.

I asked Doron for some business cards to give to my friends. I most highly recommend Trips Israel LLC. I did a lot of reseach myself as I found Australian travel agents could not offer me the tour I wanted. Have a truly unforgettable experience knowing that Trips Israel LLC really have everything covered you could ever think of, so that all you will have to do is enjoy yourself.

Happy holidays!

Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart Shalom. I will never forget was a magical place Israel is and I very much hope one day I will be fortunate enough to return. If so, I will be calling you!

May you be safe during this horrific natural tragedy.

My thoughts are with you.