I want to take the time to give feedback on your customer service agent, Shalom Even.

Going to Israel has been a dream of mine for years and years. I have never booked a tour by myself, and was planning on traveling by myself. I called and got info from many different tour agencies. Honestly it’s all about the same price for about the same length at about the same sites in Israel.

So how would one travel group stand out? How could I choose? Many companies called me back and emailed me. The difference, and the reason I chose you, is Shalom Even. He was warm, personal, casual, helpful- he talked about the different tours, asked questions about me to get a good fit, assured me (since I’m on the budget) the lower hotel class will be just fine, encouraged me to continue looking for a friend to share my room and said he’d make the adjustments, and didn’t push me in a sales type of way. He just said to ‘call me’! And when I was ready, I did. Later, I did find a girlfriend to share the September 2015 trip and he has made the adjustments.

Not often do you deal with a customer service agent and then wish you could share a glass of wine at that winery I’ll visit, or be friends with going forward! I seriously wish I could hang out with Shalom. And I’m sure he gives the same attention to all his customers.

Even after booking the trip (and getting my money) Shalom responds to my emails right away. I don’t want his heart and great service to go unnoticed by his employer. I hope all promotions and raises and opportunities come his way. He is a great voice for travel in Israel. Thank you.

Jene Jones

Tacoma, WA, USA