Dear Shalom and Aviva……..

Philip and I want to thank you so much for all the work you did for us for our first journey to Israel. From the time we left Denver until our return every moment was memorable.

Arriving in Tel Aviv until our departure was absolutely perfect. Being met at the plane with the VIP service……our guide……and especially the VIP service leaving Tel Aviv. The hotel accommodations were fantastic. Not one problem the whole time we were there. A most memorable experience…..journey for us. As you said, the Israeli breakfasts were fantastic! We met so many wonderful people.

Our guide, Gil was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Our time with him from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem helped make our trip a memorable one for us. We had many laughs together. We have so many memories to share with our friends.

Thank you again for everything you did and may G-D bless you both!

Our very best regards,

Donna and Philip……Littleton, Colorado