Dear Shalom,
I want to thank you for planning the most amazing tour imaginable. My sister and I went on July 19th right in the midst of the war going on in Gaza. I had no intention of canceling – I determined that there are two ways of making a decision – one out of fear and the other out of love. Being a Jewish there is only one way and that is out of love – love casteth out fear. When I decided to go to Israel for a tour I looked on the internet and the first one I came upon was Trips Israel LLC. I read the reviews and decided no use going any further – I have already found the best. It was by far the best tour ever. We only had 15 on our Jewish tour and we had Meni as our guide who was a truly amazing guide. He looked after us so well – was like a mother hen with her chicks. We never felt in danger at any point all the time we were there. Day after day was an incredible experience all because you,

Shalom had planned an amazing Jewish tour for us and had chosen Meni as our guide. The guides in Israel and Jordan all have to take a two year University course in tour guiding. They are extremely knowledgable in Old Testament, New Testament and the history of the land and so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for an amazing, completely safe, sweet tour with Meni.

We went everywhere from the Golan Heights far north to Eilat at the southern tip and enjoyed every minute immensely and felt completely safe the whole time. We were totally blessed as well because there was no line ups anywhere as many of the other tours had cancelled. Not one person on our tour cancelled. There was a mother with her four beautiful daughters on our tour as well as a young woman doctor and her 13 year old son from Australia and a set of grandparents and their beautiful teenage daughter and a young couple from Singapore as well as a young woman from SanFrancisco and my sister and myself from Canada. We truly bonded with each other and all of us were so thankful and appreciative of every moment and thrilled at all the places that Men took us. His teaching and presence was a huge blessing to us – always. I would never have wanted to miss what we experienced in that 10 day tour.

Some special highlights specific to your tour that made us completely comfortable the whole time were:

* You chose very beautiful and comfortable hotels with good proximity to places.
* Breakfasts and suppers were included and the food was wonderful.
* Your tour was very well organized, and the pace was good. We saw all of Israel in 10 days and now have a very good understanding of the whole area.
* The tour guide, Meni, did both the driving and the teaching and always considered our feelings trying always to get us as close to sites as possible so that we could conserve energy. He was our leader but also was a very compassionate friend to each one of us. It was nice having him drive as well as teach as he was able to make excellent decisions very quickly and was always considering us and involving us regarding these decisions.
* The two lunches that were provided as part of the tour were very high quality – one was at Wadi Mousa at the base of Petra in Jordan. The restaurant that you had chosen for us was top quality and had won awards – the food was not only excellent but the decor of it was amazing with an awesome view. The other lunch was a lovely simple lunch in a Bedouin tent following a fun time riding camels.
* Excellent service at Ben Gurion Airport – your guide met us and very efficiently took us to our hotel where we could rest before our first lovely supper.
* You called us several times to check on us making us feel very secure that you cared for us and that you were very closely monitoring the situation for us. You called us when we arrived home – I feel like you are a friend caring about us.

Others that I met along the way were having trouble even contacting their tour agent so I have already been recommending you. I will definitely be recommending you to all I meet.

If my children and grandchildren decide to go to Israel, I would like them to experience the awesomeness of your tour organization and chosen guides and hotels and your caring phone calls. I will consider looking nowhere else but Trips Israel LLC to help them to plan their first trip to Israel.

Thank you, Shalom, for not only being a truly amazing tour agent but also an amazing host in offering us a beautiful time in the Holy Land.

Joann Crittall