As we mentioned at our breakfast this past week the tour that you put together for our parish, The Church of the Precious Blood was astounding. From the minute we got off the plane we felt so comfortable to be in good hands with the CTTI representative. After being escorted by the CTTI representative and meeting our tour guide Hillel, our religious, educational and historical journey started with great enthusiasm. Imagine a tour guide that has great knowledge of both Old and New Testaments from the Holy Bible, and has you living the lives of all cultures living in the past and present Israel. On top of singing our Jewish songs, we had Hillel singing traditional and up lifting Hebrew songs and prayers. The accommodations and food were very good. Our extra trip to Jordan was handled with the same precision as the trip to Israel. The only setback we had was the delay on the Allenby crossing. I would recommend that the Tour Guide in Jordan make arrangements for the VIP pass at the Allenby Bridge or go north to the next entrance to Israel. The Allenby Bridge has been known to have from 3 to 15 hour delays.

We will be back to Israel in the future and stay at our favorite sites a little longer.

Arlene and Tom Hanlon Parish
Member of the “The Church of the Precious Blood”