Hi Eyal,
I want to thank you again for arranging a truly wonderful trip for me and my children. Your people were there at every turn to make sure that things went according to plan. I appreciated your phone calls during our trip to make sure that things were going according to plan and that there weren’t any problems. I appreciated the VIP service at the airport. It was well worth the extra cost. The hotels were all very nice, and the executive lounge was certainly worthwhile in each location that had one.

Turning now to our guide, Hillel Bar Sade. You told us that he was the best. You certainly did not exaggerate! I found Hillel to be extremely personable, knowledgeable, fun, smart, engaging, and extraordinarily energetic. Hillel had a special ability to have in-depth conversations with me on our private tour, and at the same time keep my two teenagers engaged as well. Hillel was able to explain so many things from his unique perspective of having lived through it.

I would highly recommend you and Hillel to anyone seeking to have a quality trip to Israel with excellent accommodations, recommendations and a rich experience that one will never forget.

I know that my children and I are much richer from this experience. I look forward to booking my next trip through you.

Thanks again!

Cliff Davidson