Eyal for the past 6/7 years you have been handling my visits to Israel. I don’t know how you do it but every time your tours surpass the previous ones.

This one was  no different! It totally surpassed the previous ones. My family’s first time in Israel was an incredible once in a lifetime experience thanks to your expertise in putting the tour together to accommodate each and everyone’s needs and desires.

There was excitement for my young grandchildren as there were things geared just for their age and desires. My family toured all of Israel for first time and missed out on nothing. Yet my daughter and I who had been there 4 times already found things never seen in our previous trips.

Your choice of guide all these years was the perfect one! Hillel made your efforts in putting everything together a total success. Looking forward to our next trip.

Thank you so much to your staff and guide Hillel for another awesome experience in Israel.

Naomi and Naamah Feliciano