Greetings Shalom

Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed our recent tour of Isreal that you arranged for us. Our tour finished March 12. however, as we went to Turkey and Germany after touring Isreal, we did not get home until April 11. I should have written sooner, but I have had a lot of catching up to do. It is spring here in Alaska, the snow in the yard finally all melted yesterday. So there is lots of yard work to do.Just to let you know that our Isreal tour went as planned, which is to say we had a wonderful time and enjoyed every mintue of it.

Thanks so much for arranging it. The whole tour turned out even much better than we imagined. All way from the excellant transfers(which made our arrival and departures so much less stressful), to the very nice hotels with their excellant foods (having both breakfast and dinners provided made the tour much more relaxing), and the wonderful tour itself. I could not believe that we so forunate as to have only 7 people in a small van for our tour. I guess that was part of booking a tour early in the season. Our guide from Rent-a-Guide, Hilik Silfin, really made the tour so enjoyable. He really knew everything about the history and culture of Isreal and he imparted it in a very enjoyable way. He was a real delight as was the other people on the tour.

Our tour was a pleasant experience that we will rember for a long time. We learned so much and our appreaciation for Isreal has grown evern more.Thanks again for your help in arranging such a god tour, including our tour to Petra. The border crossing into Jordan and seeing the Petra site was a real educational experience. Something else to rember for a long time.


Charles and Nancy Britton
Anchorage, Alaska