Hi Shalom, I would like to thank you very much. Israel was ten times better than I ever imagined. Everything on the tour was superb. It could not have been any better. I was particularly impressed by Luric (spelling?), our tour guide. He was wonderful! I loved all the archaeological sites he took us to and I learned so much from him. He is a very good man. The bus driver was also very good. It is very difficult driving a large bus for so many hours. Mindy Seta is a very nice person. Everyone on the tour got along very well and we developed many friendships. The only thing I wished would have happened was to meet you.

Thank you again for persuading me to go on this particular tour.

I remember you saying strongly that this is the tour I should go on. You were right. It was a most memorable and meaningful Sukkot.

Would you please send me the full name of our guide and the correct spelling of his name.

Thank you.