Hi Eyal
I’m finally finding time to write and thank you for our wonderful trip to Israel. As I go back through our pictures I’m remembering how special this tour was just a few weeks ago.

We were so lucky to have Hillel as our guide. And we loved the small group size. Hillel has such a vast background to provide us the historical, cultural, and religious perspective of Israel’s many sacred sights that we visited. He was full of energy and a willingness to stop at several additional sights. We felt very secure with Hillel.

A couple of things stand out especially: Going on the fishing boat on the Sea of Galilee where Hillel arranged for us to join a Jewish group and we loved the Scripture readings and music along the way.

Of course Jerusalem was very special and we had 5 days to see as much as we could. We really appreciated the extra help Hillel gave to return to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher very early on a Sunday so we could attend Mass at the Tomb of Jesus. So grateful he gave us this extra opportunity because we knew the logistics were tricky, yet he was willing to do it for us.
It was a trip of a lifetime and had been on our list to do for 25 years. After researching several different tours I felt that the CTTI itinerary included all the key places we wanted to see – from the big cities along the Mediterranean, to the northern areas, and all along the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, then to Eilat in the south, and even a day at Petra in Jordan.

Thanks so much for checking in on us during the tour. We have so many good memories of Israel.

Regards, Anne Life is Good