Hi Eyal.

My husband and I had a memorable and spiritual experience on our trip to Israel. Reuven was great. Very patient and answered our many questions. He was aware of some safety issues in Jeruselum and kept us updated on our itinerary..  Our bus driver Albert showed his expertise in maneuvering that huge tour bus. I love history. This trip allowed me to connect Biblical history to reality. To be where Jesus ministered in the Galilee region. That  area  was beautiful and  so peaceful. I could envision  Jesus and His disciples visiting the seaside towns preaching.. Traveling up to Jeruselum moved all of us.  Touring  the Old City especially the Mount of Olives and the Western Wall. So much to take in. Such a panoramic view!  My husband and I enjoyed the “healthy” food. Accommodations were great. The most enjoyable hotel was @ Gai Beach. Baptism in the River Jordan and having lunch in the Judean Desert unforgettable. I don’t do animals but my husband got a kick out of the camel ride.  Since we have been back I have shared so much with my family and friends in pictures and words. I cannot stop talking about it.