Hello Shalom,

I just want to say thank you for doing such a wonderful job of organizing our tour in Israel. Everything was fabulous. We had the best tour guides, the hotels were excellent and the food was amazing. Not once did Joann and I feel unsafe. In fact we felt safer over there than here. All the military presence was very comforting.
We went all the way from the north of Israel to Eilat in the south and into Jordan to see Petra. The whole journey was perfect. We were so glad that you had taken the time to research everything for us. We really appreciated what you had done. Your phone calls were very welcome as well.
This was a perfect time to travel in Israel. There were no line ups anywhere and we enjoyed every moment of our trip. Meni was outstanding as a guide; he was kind, thoughtful and punctual and very interesting. We all fell in love with him.
Thank you again for a wonderful holiday and if anyone needs encouragement tell them to feel free to call me.

Jane MacDiarmid
Winnipeg, MB