If you are planning a trip to the Holy Land, I highly recommend Trips Israel LLC. Shalom took a personal interest in every aspect of our trip. We felt as if his highest priority was for this trip to be the “trip of a lifetime” for all involved. He communicated with us often and effectively and his concern for detail was exceptional. From the moment we landed until we were safely at our concourse to leave, Shalom ensured our needs were met and our experience was as free from problems as humanly possible. The transportation was comfortable and clean. We saw all of the “must-sees” and several extras. Our guide, Hillel Bar Sadeh, was extremely knowledgeable, not just about the popular sites and history but also lesser known spots. His passion for his people and nation was apparent and his vast network of friends made the history of Israel come to life.

Since Shalom did such a great job of handling all the details, our group was able to focus on the purpose of the trip. We each wanted to gain a greater understanding of Christ by walking where He walked. And, because we didn’t have to worry about the travel details we were able to do just that. I simply can’t say enough good things about Shalom and Hillel and all they did to enhance our experience in the Holy Land.